History of Shannon Mulkear and District Angling (Mulcair Anglers) Club


Club committee early 1960’s

Mulcair anglers or Mulkear anglers?

Since the late fifties until 2010 the club was generally know by the short title ‘Mulcair Anglers’. However, this was changed to ‘Mulkear Anglers’ in 2010 in keeping with the verified correct spelling of the river name. See


History of the club

In the late fifties a group of Anglers broke away from the Limerick and District Anglers Association as a result of an internal dispute. They formed  the  Garryowen Sportsman’s Club which  a year later  became the Mulcair Anglers. Davy Ryan was the first chairman.

P.J. Galvin recalls;
The cause of the Limerick angler came to the fore during the 1957 boycott. Clancy Strand commonage was however fished despite the ESB. Jay Ashton Freeman was a writer with the Evening Press at the time; his wife Stella Gore provided sketches for his articles. The ESB brought him down to break the boycott and agreement was subsequently reached in time for 1958 which was the greatest fishing year of all time. Anglers were catching so many salmon that they would not carry them as they fished down the river. They hid them in cocks of hay with the intention of collecting them on their way back. They were catching so many fish they often forgot where they left them and farmers would find the skeletons of salmon in the cocks of hay when they were bringing them in.
In March 1966 a meeting was called at the Old School-house in Castleconnell. A crowd of 50 to 60 people had assembled. Included in the crowd were myself, George Hayes, Johnny Enright, John Wilmott (Daly’s Cross), Dan Barry of Abington, Luke Ryan from Ahane, Sean Hogg of Castleconnell, and Willie Fruen. Also present were Black Harry Ryan of Newport, Morey Coffee and a gentleman by the name of Cullen whose back garden ran down to the river at Newport. Paddy Fitzgerald of Abington, who owned land both sides of the river, was there as well as Chris Humphreys, Jos Keyes, Elsie Ryan and husband Joe. Following some discussions I was selected as chairman. The next meeting was to be held at the end of March/beginning of April. At that meeting Paddy Fitzgerald was elected treasurer and the committee included Chris Humphreys, Jos Keyes, Morey Coffey and Black Harry.
Committee meeting venues included O’Malley’s, The Welcome Inn, Power’s in Abington, Mick Hickey’s The Shannon Inn in Castleconnell and Bonnar’s of O’Briens Bridge. The next secretary was David Johnson (Pauline O’Malley’s uncle). Henry Cooney who was married to Paddy Daly’s sister was secretary at a later date.
In 1967 we met with Jack William the ESB fishery manager and his assistant, Martin Conway at Thomond weir to discuss conditions. It was agreed that riperian owners could fish their own land free with permit given to them from the ESB. People from along the bank could fish the whole river for 2 pounds a year. For 7 pounds a year anglers could fish after 6 p.m. all day Sunday and a half day for builders on Saturday and shopkeepers on Thursday. Professional fishermen paid 35 pounds a year. Old age pensioners were allowed fish for free.

The John Enright Perpetual Memorial Cup: The Enright name was always synonymous with world class fly-casting, fly rods and fly reels. The John Enright Perpetual Memorial Cup was presented to the club by the Enright family from Castleconnell in 1983. A salmon fishing competition was held in September in most of the years between 1983 to 2000. The competition winners are;

1983 – Jim Ryan, Annacotty.
1984 – JJ ryan, Newport.
1985 – Pat Daly, Parteen.
1986 – John Barry, Dromelia.
1987 – Pat Daly, Parteen.
1988 – Mike Kett, Abington.
1989 – Andy McCallion, Dublin.
1992 – Tony O’Neill, Cappamore.
1993 – Peter McNamara, Limerick.
1994 – Peter McNamara, Limerick.
1998 – Jack Minihan (Jacko), Limerick.
1999 – Son O’Keeffe (Troy), Limerick
2000 – Andy McCallion.

The Dan Barry Memorial Cup for Junior Anglers: From its foundation the club was to the fore in encouraging younger anglers. For many years a trout angling competition was held in May for under 10s and under 16s grades. This was always a most enjoyable event with the competition keen. From the early 80s till 2008 the competition was held at the Abington waters except for 1996 when it was held at Glenstal abbey. The event always enjoyed the support of locals, club committee and for many years was organised by Pat and Pauline Daly. In 1987 the Barry family presented us with a stylish piece of silverware in memory of Dan Barry who himself was a great supporter of underage angling. This was to be fished for by the under 16 grade. Winners of the Dan Barry Memorial Cup for Junior Anglers;
1987 – M.A Kett
1988 – D O’Meara, Newport
1989 – M Moylan, Newport
1990 – Tony Mulcahy, Cappamore
1991- John Foley, Boher
1992- Leonard Moore, Weston
1993 – Paul McCormack, Weston
1994 – Paul McCormack, Weston
1995 – Richard Keays, Murroe
1996 – Brian McCallion, Norwood Park
1997 – Jack Keays, Murroe
1998 – Tommy Ryan, Pallasgreen
1999 – D Heagney, Donoughmore                                                                                                           2000 –
2001 –
2002 – Alan Kett, Abington
2003 –
2004 – Alan Kett, Abington
2005 – Alan Kett, Abington
2006 – Robert Cusack, Murroe
2007- James O’Connor, Cappamore.
2008 – Joe Keays, Murroe.